Martha Mondays – Latin Steak Marinade

This is the second time of cooking steak for Martha Mondays and this was a winner too.  The recipe was chosen by Sara at Sassy Suppers and is from Lucinda Scala Quinn’s article in the September issue of Living.  We were able to choose from the Mediterranean Marinade or the Latin Marinade and my mum and dad went for the Latin one.


The recipe was easy, mix together four smashed cloves of garlic, oregano, oil and lime juice into a bag (I used a bowl) and add the steak and let it marinade.  I actually hadn’t left four hours or more free (I went clothes shopping) so I marinated mine for about two hours, and I didn’t use the steak cuts suggested of flank, hanger or skirt as we don’t have those cuts readily available here.  Besides it is so rare that we have steak (the second time I have ever cooked it) that I wanted something a bit better so I picked up some thinly sliced sirloin.

The verdict?  This was good.  We liked it.  Maybe I would add the whole amount of lime next time (I hadn’t bought enough of them) but mum and dad really enjoyed it and could taste the garlic and lime.  I will make it again as it was quick and tasty.


A very good pick.  Thanks Sara. 


5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Latin Steak Marinade

  1. Looks good and what a pretty plate you made for the photo! My daughter loves skirt steak and we can find it pretty easily in the supermarket. I use it often because it is so quick to cook and so full of flavor (and she requests it). We like sirloin too. Nice job!

  2. Yours looks good. How funny that you don’t have those cuts. What happens to them I wonder? I mean, they are part of the cow so they must use them for something! Maybe ground beef? I’ve made flank steak twice now for Martha and am quite impressed at how well it turns out.

  3. I think the meat gets made into ground beef or maybe goes into ready meals – I don’t really know. I buy my meat from the supermarket (Waitrose) which is one of the better supermarkets. Even if we had had those types of beef I probably wouldn’t have done them as we only have steak rarely.

  4. I’m so glad you liked it! I absolutely loved it. I found skirt steak and flank steak at my supermarket (a Whole Foods) but they say that they usually run out of it quickly especially the skirt steak. I guess I got lucky they day I was there because I picked up two. I imagine there are a number of recipes that get lost in ingredient “translation” across the pond 🙂

  5. We rarely eat steak at my house too, Pru. However, this was a good recipe that I will make again. I think you do have flank steak in the UK, and that’s where skirt steak comes from. I have a recipe for steak and kidney pie -which I never made, by the way- and it calls for flank steak.

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