Martha Mondays – Winter Vegetable Soup

It was my pick for Martha Mondays and I had chosen what I wanted to do ages ago.  Roasted Vegetable Soup – a recipe from Everyday Food which looked quick and easy with all the flavour of autumn in a bowl.  I’m in a real nesting stage at the moment and am cheering autumn on daily.  Bring out the scarves and gloves – I’m ready!



I added two apples to the vegetables near to the end of cooking.  


The soup looked easy.  Roast butternut squash, carrots, potatoes and onion and then blend it with some water.  I failed to see the seiving part of the instructions, and this meant that the recipe took longer than I would have liked to do.   I apologise to anyone who made this and cursed at me – I fully understand – I nearly cursed at Martha!



Despite the soup turning out an ugly browney-orangey colour we enjoyed it.  It is certainly healthy with only three tablespoons of oil and no need for vegetable stock.  I have some stored to take to work for lunch tomorrow.  I will certainly be making this again, but with white onion instead of red so that I can do chunky soup and get away with it (I did give up towards the end and added some of the blitz vegetables to the soup). 


2 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Winter Vegetable Soup

  1. Adding the apples was a great idea! Mine had more of a golden color, so that didn’t bother me. Using the sieve was ridiculous though I have to agree. I am used to cursing Martha though, so no biggie there. It did take forever. As I was doing it, I was considering just skipping it. I don’t think the soup would be bad if you skipped it – just not as smooth maybe. This is truly a great recipe though. I think it tasted better the second day, so enjoy your lunch!

  2. I loved this recipe Pru! Thanks for choosing it. I am going to make it again this weekend and take it along to my brother’s house. I know my sister in law will be impressed. She has been looking for a good soup with butternut squash for quite a while. This is it! By the way I saw your post before I made my soup, and I had to add apples to mine too. Great idea.

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