Tipping the scales

Last night I took my first yoga class.  It was very good.  Until I caught my image in the mirror.  I did for a second wonder if it was me, but I knew that it was.  Now I’m not crazy, I didn’t think that I was thin, but I didn’t think that I was so big.  It really did come as a shock.  Then came the painful truth – the scales.  I am currently at my heaviest weight ever. 

I have decided to stay positive but once and for all I am determined to get this sorted out.  I did a two mile walk with my mum this morning and then walked to work which was another mile.  I realised last night at yoga that if my weight wasn’t an issue my life would be pretty perfect at the moment.  So, dieting has begun.  I am typing this on my lunchbreak eating a bowl of Special K whilst trying not to drink too much of the milk as I have begun taking Alli tablets which the chemist warned could have serious toilet-consequences (nice!) if I take in too much fat. 

Oh, and it doesn’t help that I have just purchased another cookbook (Bill Granger’s ‘Basics’) which the author is kindly going to sign for me at a book signing tomorrow, and that all I want to do at the moment is cook and bake – even if I don’t eat it.


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