Garden Cut Off

So, as well as making lists, I like to have cut-off dates. Dates when I must get things done by, and usually I succeed except on the lose weight one.  I always fail on that one.  But that is another post altogether (and is at the bottom of this post)!  So, it was decided that we needed a cut off time for the garden which was last weekend.  This is the date to finally say goodbye to summer and to get ready for a few months of venturing into the garden very little while we get ready for shorter days, shopping and enjoying time in the house.  I took Friday off so that we could start early and it was lucky that I did.  For a 100′ garden, there were lots of shrubs to be pruned and some plants to be moved. 


The list of things to get done was as follows:

  1. Get rid of the palm tree.
  2. Plant tree in place of the palm tree.
  3. Prune all shrubs.
  4. Chop the head off the ivy.
  5. Organise the potting area.
  6. Compost the garden.
  7. Chairs, umbrella and barbecue to be stored the garden table to be wrapped covered.
  8. Plant violas.
  9. Plant bulbs (daffodils and alliums).
  10. Plastic greenhouse to be moved closer to the house.

And it is all done.  Although we had also wanted to paint the front door and front gate, but we will leave that for in the week.  We are very tired, and my hands will take a month’s worth of moisturising at night with the gloves before they resemble anything like they used to!

But it was worth it.  We went from this:

To this:

But in between there was this:


The change might not look that different to you, but to us, the change is quite dramatic.  From the kitchen window we can see to the end of the garden as we have got rid of the big shrub next to the washing line.  We will still be out in the garden of course, the tomatoes are continuing to redden, and there is a new peony to be planted in October, but nearly everything is done.  And I can start to concentrate on ‘nesting’ at home – a new experience for me entirely!


One thought on “Garden Cut Off

  1. First of all I love that picture of your dog, who I am sure was a great help to you in cleaning up the garden. I always find this time of year kind of sad, since it’s the closing of the gardening season. Like you though, I still have some things to enjoy in the garden. My roses are still putting on a great show, and we are enjoying the autumn mums. Great views of your garden, you have some beautiful shrubs, but it sure takes a lot of work and backache, doesn’t it?

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