Martha Mondays Pear and Apple Phyllo Crisp

Everyone who asked me what this week’s Martha Mondays task was commented that it sounded perfect for autumn.  And it certainly is.  This week Teresa chose the Pear and Apple Phyllo Crisp from the October issue of Living.  Brette kindly took the time to type out the recipe for me, and I am so grateful as this is certainly a winning recipe. 

It is also very easy to make and for the first time ever required one bowl, and one saucepan and a knife.  A Martha miracle!


I tried a tiny bit in the middle (I’m dieting) but mum and dad enjoyed larger pieces and loved it.  In fact dad ordered me not to take the rest into work as he wanted it all!  My only change for next time would be that I would fill the middle with apple instead of leaving gaps.  I can’t see what the gaps did and I was left with some apple and pear left over.  But I thought that this was great.  Really, really great and I can’t wait for an opportunity to make this again.  Thanks Teresa!


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