Nesting – Photo Frames for my Bedroom Wall

The air is chilly now and I am in the process of ‘nesting’.  I have never really nested before but I am so inspired by different blogs that I read that I am very keen to give it a go.

My aim: 

  1. To tidy the top of my dresser and remove the photoframes.
  2. To work to a budget of £10.
  3. To make it stylish and easy to adapt later.

And I did it!  Thanks to Ikea frames and ribbon from John Lewis, I came in at £10.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I am already thinking about using photos of me growing up at Christmas for December.

Here is the process:

The walls are actually a light grey, although they show up in the photos as more lilac. 


I laid the photographs out on my bed and decided on the order and how I wanted them positioned.  From left to right the photos are: Violet in the garden (some years ago), Violet and I in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, at an Il Divo concert in Norfolk, a wedding in Florence and ready for a night out in Sydney.


Instead of bashing nails into the wall I cut out brown paper templates of the frames and positioned them about an inch apart. 


  The Ikea hooks were ideally for hanging the ribbon from.  The ribbon then hangs from the gold nails in the wall.  I will be able to easily change the ribbon and height of the frames when I next change them. 


And the finished result.  After doing the frames I then sorted out my necklaces and it is less cluttered now.  And friends are very happy with their gifts of necklaces!


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