Autumn Decoration for the Fireplace

Blogs are so inspiring to me.  I have been finding lots of inspiration lately from Edie at Love In Grace and the Nester’s website and of course, at Eddie Ross

For the first time I thought that it would be a nice to change to mix things up a bit in the living room and to decorate the fireplace and bookcase for autumn.  Unlike last year we have not planted gourds but did plant pumpkins which are too early to pick yet.  Mum and I worked together on this project and spent about £10 on three gourds, some dried flowers and some other fresh flowers.  Using gold, brown and green we found items from around the house and changed some photos in frames to reflect the season change. 

Everything laid out first – I never usually lay things out, but it helped greatly to be able to change my mind and then see everything out.  We decided not to use the candlesticks.


Berries and seed pots were bought from the supermarket.  The hydrangeas and red leaves came from the garden.


On the bookcase the copper pot will be filled with gourds in a few weeks for Halloween.  The brown medicine bottles are from a collection that my dad had in the shed. 


And here is the fireplace (hideous fire I know!) but the fireplace looks really good.  The candles came from Ireland and have been moved down from the study, the houses used to sit near the back door. 


We are really pleased with the subtle changes.  Along with the fireplace, blankets have been placed on the sofas and I am embracing autumn more and more!


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