Martha Mondays – Molasses Ginger Cookies

Its a while since we did cookies on Martha Mondays and I was pleased to do an autumny project.  These cookies remind me of cosy nights in and I am all for that!  The pick this week was by Lyndsey who amazes me with her three blogs, of which Tiny Skillet is one of my favourite blogs to visit. 


These cookies were easy to make and I confess that after a day in the kitchen baking I didn’t bother chilling the mixture twice, but instead chilled it after I had made it and then just baked them. 

My verdict, they are certainly peppery and gingery.  Mum thinks that they are a bit too sweet but I disagree.  I liked them and I am sure work colleagues will like them too in the morning.  Thanks for a great pick Lyndsey.

6 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Molasses Ginger Cookies

  1. They look wonderful Pru. Thanks for the compliment! I was all set to make the cookies today and my internet went down so I didn’t have the recipe handy. I have to print it on my daughters printer and we didn’t do it ahead of time. I had all the ingredients. I love a good spicy ginger molasses cookie, I’m happy you liked them. I think I’ll add crystallized ginger to mine when I make them tomorrow!

  2. Pru I thought I had already posted a comment on this, but then I remembered I was at work and it didn’t go through. My internet has been up and down all weekend so I didn’t have the recipe handy until yesterday! I finally got my post up just now! Your cookies look amazing, so perfect! I thought the same thing about the second chill. We like them too. Thanks for the nice shout out!

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