Perfecting Christmas

Now don’t get scared by the heading.  It’s merely a heads up of things to come.  I realise that I don’t ‘perfect’ enough stuff on my blog.  So, for the next ten weeks I will be ‘Perfecting Christmas’ one task at a a time.  Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I already have lots planned.  But Christmas is never perfect in my mind. 

From here on in I will do everything I can to perfect it so that 2010 is our family’s perfect Christmas.  And with a new colour scheme this year and a totally different Christmas Dinner planned it should be a lot of fun!

Christmas Puddings are first up, and I will have the recipe we use and process we go through up here tomorrow.

Below are a couple of photos from our Christmas 2009.

The door will definitely look different.  It was recently painted black.  And the wreath will certainly be changed.  Last year I attempted Eddie Ross’s creation.

4 thoughts on “Perfecting Christmas

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  2. I think Christmas looked quite grand last year! I so very much enjoy your quest for perfection.. I’m very much the same way. I love the holidays and can’t wait to begin the numerous decorating tasks and such!

  3. Dearest Pru, I am reading this post as I am eating my delicious bowl of clam chowder. Just kidding, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you don’t like clams, otherwise I would not have picked the recipe. I picked it with you in mind, thinking that you will be able to find all the ingredients in the UK with out trouble. Serendipity. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not. Anyway, thanks for posting about this wreath. These cost so much here to buy readymade. I think I will attempt to make one. I’m starting to think about decorating for Christmas.

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