Perfecting Christmas – Christmas Pudding

As I said yesterday I’ve been taken over by the Christmas Bug.  It isn’t that early for me to get this Bug but it isn’t pleasant for my family or friends.  For the past week I haven’t stopped singing ‘O Holy Night’ and whilst my voice isn’t all bad, when I sing with the iPod on it really isn’t that nice to hear!  To concentrate my energies and to stop my friends and family from attempting to disown me for the next ten weeks, every Thursday I will post a different recipe (and possibly, one week,  a craft) of something that I will be making for friends this Christmas and trying to perfect between now and the 25th December. 

Nothing sets me off on my journey of all things Christmas more than making Christmas Puddings.  In total we made three large Christmas Puddings and a little small one too.  For the past couple of years I have given Christmas Puddings to friends and I am so pleased to hear that they were really enjoyed on Christmas Day. 

All the ingredients were put out on a tray on the kitchen table to make it easier to make the puddings.  I was pleased that we could use an apple from the allotment for this recipe.

We follow Delia Smith’s recipe which can be found here although we adapt it slightly and instead of candied peel we add 2oz glace cherries and we substitute barley wine and stout for Guinness and use brandy instead of rum and also don’t use as many currants as is called for but use more raisins and sultanas instead.  Apart from that, we use the same recipe!

The recipe all made.  It was then left, covered, overnight to mature.

Mum making her wish whilst stirring the bowl.  Violet waited in turn patiently for her turn(!)

Parchment paper is pleated in the middle and placed over the pudding followed by a piece of pleated tin foil.  They are secured by string. 

 The puddings are then steamed for 8 hours.  (Ours ended up cooking until 10.30pm!)

I’m not totally sure on how I will be wrapping them, but as my colour theme this year will be purple, pink and either silver or gold, I think this might be a winner. 

The pudding will take 2 1/2 hours to steam in a saucepan before being served.

Are you making Christmas Puddings this year?  What is the first Christmas thing you will be making?

3 thoughts on “Perfecting Christmas – Christmas Pudding

  1. Cookies! 😀 Interesting you are so into Christmas so soon. Maybe you could change up the songs so your friends and family will can tolorate it! hehe, I just had to give you a hard time. The Christmas pudding looks really good! I still have to get through Halloween first!

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