Tomato Post

I can’t believe that I have had this post stored for nearly a month and forgot to post it!


We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year.  And this year has most certainly been our best year for them ever.  I am so proud of them, that this is an entire post dedicated to them.  Our tomatoes are special this year as mum saved seeds from last years tomatoes but didn’t label them up so we don’t know what sort they are.  Except they grew really well.


We really got into the freezing and canning thing this year.  Usually we just make tomato soup and have them in salads but we have had a continue bounty of them for a month now. 


Tomato Sauce

 I didn’t use a proper recipe, but only a few ingredients (tomatoes, olive oil, two onions finally chopped, basil and whole garlic cloves and some brown sugar).


Tomato Chutney

Recipe can be found here.  I link the recipe with a caution:  if you plan to make this then I suggest using slightly less vinegar and continuing to boil it down until it reaches the right consistency – it could take some time.  I also added two grated apples towards the end of cooking. 


Canned Tomatoes


A whole new concept in our house.  Basically, loads of tomatoes, skinned, halved and seeds scopped out, squashed into jars with a teaspoon of course salt and basil leaves and then boiled for 45 minutes.


Tomatoes took over our household for months, but this year’s crop was certainly our best ever.  I can’t wait until next year!

1 thought on “Tomato Post

  1. What nice looking tomatoes! I am so jealous of home grown tomatoes, we just can’t grow them here like they can up north. How wonderful you got a chance to do all that canning. My husband’s mother used to do that and she made her own V-8 juice. It makes for a fresh winter …kinda!

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