Perfecting Christmas – Getting Organised

This is week three of Perfecting Christmas.  If you have missed the last two posts click here.


I love lists and my list for Christmas 2010 was compiled in Excel about a month ago.  I have a page for cards complete with categories for work, personal and overseas, a column for addresses and a tick box next to each name.  Then there is a present list which follows the same set up and a calendar for November and December (as well as the one I use everyday on Outlook) and then a to-do list.  It’s so nice to have the list that I can continue to refer to and update.  Ticking things off the list is a great pleasure and I have already begun to tick off presents to be sent overseas and items that have been purchased on line. 

 In order to get organised for Christmas and to hit my deadline of 1st December to have 90-95% of everything done (present buying, present wrapping and cards written out) I was keen to get started.  This week was organising week. 

 Up into the loft we went.  In total we brought down six large bin bags crammed with bits and pieces.  It was all laid out on my parent’s bed in categories so that we could survey what the past Christmases had left us with.


 The mammoth task of wrapping paper took quite a while to sort out as rolls of paper were caught in other rolls.  There are 19 rolls pictured below, and what with the two rolls that I have already bought it is clear that wrapping paper can be crossed off my list right now! 

 With a new colour scheme this year we will not require the red baubles so these were packaged up and placed back in the loft.  I am also taking some to work as our tree was a little sparse last year. The silver baubles and gold are back in the loft (stored separately) as I already have plans for these.

Then it was on to the garlands.  We have three in total.  The one for the front door was bundled up separately with its lights and more baubles.  Now it is ready to be sorted out straight from the bag without the need to search for extra items.   We had three wreaths and one has now been sent to the charity shop.  Silk flowers are also redundant and they too were sent for other people to enjoy. 

And it turned out that we have plenty of candle holders (and of course have some of these in the living room and hallway already) but it was good to see what we had and note that we did not need any more. 

Ribbons and tags were also organised and they have been labelled up and sorted out into respective boxes.  I find it easier to have a box of assorted tags, and one for ribbons and one for little ornaments for presents (bells and tiny baubles always look great) next to the desk where we do our wrapping and then everything is in it’s right place. 



As for cards, well we actually need more.  And that is now the next task I want to tick off my list.

Are you super-organised and already for Christmas from when you packed it away last year or do you leave it more to chance?


2 thoughts on “Perfecting Christmas – Getting Organised

  1. You’re so organized! We have an abundance of wrapping paper too. Every year I saw this is the year I won’t buy anymore and we’ll try to use it all up – then I see some like and end up buying more.

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