Right Now

It’s 7.47am on Saturday morning and I am up early to decorate the living room.  I’ll post photos next week if I can take some decent ones. 

So far, Violet has hurt her left arm (which to an un-dog person would be her front left leg) and had to be gently walked on the playing field behind our house. 

The house is a mess.

The garden thinks it is spring already (and is also a mess)

I hope you have more exciting things planned than decorating.  But whatever you do, have a great weekend.


One thought on “Right Now

  1. Unfortunately I’ll be cleaning this weekend. It finally got cool enough to do yard work without breaking into a sweat the moment you step outside. We were going to take our boat out, now that it is all cleaned up after working so hard on it last weekend, but this cold front came in and we are wimps when it comes to a chill in the air!

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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