Martha Mondays – Natural Cold Remedies

I’m not that superstitious but something just couldn’t make me do this project.  I felt that if I did I was then inviting a cold to crash down on me, and I honestly couldn’t cope if that happened as I have so much to do. 

But it did get me thinking about my survival techniques when I do get a cold. 

First off, this guide from Whole Living is excellent.  Alot of it is common sense but I now always make sure that I use more moisturiser and lip balm when I am ill and I now realise more quickly when it is time to stay in bed or make an appointment with the doctor.

As soon as I feel a cold coming I reach for the juice.  I aim to drink two litres of Tropicana Ruby Breakfast the first day as well as lots of sweet tea and then another litre the next day.  I am sure that all the germs are pretty much flushed out as with that much liquid inside me I do frequent visits to the loo!

But if the cold does come, and sometimes it does, I ride it out.  I’m not one for medication and only after weeks of a chest infection, which any of my colds eventually lead to will I visit the doctor.  I keep a hot water bottle at work and one at home and I place that against my chest (wrapped around me with a scarf) and it ain’t attractive but it does help with the pain.

So although I didn’t do the task, I thought quite a bit about my methods for dealing with illness. I might drink a litre of juice just to make sure that I haven’t jinxed myself writing about it!


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