Perfecting Christmas – Christmases Past

This week should have been me boasting about having a huge batch of cookies frozen in readiness for defrosting and baking for Christmas.  But it isn’t.  I’m way behind on my baking at the moment.  And also way behind on blogging. 

This blog is ‘live’ and I mean that I never have posts saved up.  It’s always something that has just happened that gets posted and I like that, but sometimes, like now, it causes me issues.  I am sitting here at 9.30pm instead of watching the football and this is my second time of typing this as my computer decided to do its own thing.  I really could do with a laptop so that I could type and watch the football at the same time!

But hey ho! On I go!  Our family is not as harmonious as it was.  My sister stopped talking to my mum about 4 months ago and it has created a lot of tension.  Its hard.  But it has caused me to think alot about our childhood (she is a year and a half younger) and whether it was as bad as she is making out.  I don’t think so. 

In fact we had fun.  And Christmases were always great fun.  We always had a real tree and were allowed to decorate it how we liked.  There were always mountains of presents and on Christmas Day we had fun as a family opening presents, eating and generally having fun. 

I must find some photos.  Maybe at the weekend.

And it got me thinking about last Christmas. Mum and I headed to New York for some Christmas shopping and fun and I looked through the photos last night.


The New York Palace Hotel where we stayed.  Possibly the most Christmases and pretty forecourt I have ever seen!

The Tiffany window. 

Rockafeller Centre




One thought on “Perfecting Christmas – Christmases Past

  1. Too bad about your family tension. My sister found something out about herself and said she always felt that she was treated different or something of the sort and my younger sister and I don’t remember it the same way she does. My older sister always though more of her friends than her family and didn’t join in family stuff when she was younger. It’s funny how you can share the same experience as someone else and both remember it totally different.

    Stunning photos! It’s like a Christmas wonderland! It’s got me in the Christmas mood! Thanks!

    My blog is a live blog too. Hence, the lack of posts right now with my schedule changing. But that’s life! 🙂

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