Martha Mondays – Glowing Hurricane Vases

Thanksgiving Table Decor was this week’s Martha Mondays task chosen by Karen and was great as there were so many things to pick from.  Obviously I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving although I wish that I did as I like the idea of giving thanks very much.  Instead I chose hurricane vases which would go with the gourds that are still lining our mantlepiece.  The vases are wrapped in layers of tissue paper to give a glowing affect when the candle inside was lit.  These were easy to make (although I think the instructions are harder than they need to be). 

I did a yellow one, a mixture of yellow and orange on the middle one and an orange one.  Next time I would layer on more paper.  These glowed all night long and I think they looked really pretty.  I am thinking of using the idea on some smaller glasses (I used vases for this) for Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Glowing Hurricane Vases

  1. Ooooh! Those are so pretty! I can’t do candles with my little ones around but maybe when they get older I could do this. This would look great with all sorts of colors. I’m thinking a variety of blues would be perfect in my living room!

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