Perfecting Christmas – Cookies

My office becomes burdened with tin after tin of biscuits and sweets at Christmas.  By the 28th (when I return to work) I always throw out whatever is left so that no-one has to encounter them when they return in the New Year.  Last year I added to the burden of shop bought goodies (only myself and another colleague ever bake anything) and I purchased a tin of biscuits.  In the end I did make tiny chocolate meringues but by then everyone was so sick of sweets and sweet things that a bowl of fruit would have been enjoyed more!


This year however, I am doing homemade cookies and I know that these will be very much in favour.  I have a trip to Cologne at the end of the month which I am really looking forward to, and German biscuits will accompany my cookies into work when I return on December 2nd.  My plan is to get in early with my gifts so that (a) everyone is not already sick of sweets and, (b) I can tick it off my list. 


This past weekend I froze cookie doughs.  I am following Martha Stewart books and made a chocolate dough,  a peppermint dough for candy cane cookies and a sugar dough.  I am feel virtuous knowing that they are in the freezing waiting for me.   The problem was, everyone knew that my plan was to bake, bake and bake, so when I came out of the kitchen everyone said ‘where’s the cake and biscuits?!’.  It was time to head back into the kitchen. 


If I am not reading a book I read an old living magazine.  These cookies came from the 2009 January issue (one of my favourites – it’s the one with Martha’s list of staying well and having the time to do all the things that we need to do – I just think I need an assistant!).  The link for the cookies is here.


Now, mine didn’t turn out as pretty as the photo in the magazine.  But I DON’T CARE! as these cookies are lovely.  Really melt-in-your-mouth cookies.  I may now have to make another batch to go with my freezer doughs because these were a hit at home and at work today. 


Are you making ahead any cookies?  What recipes are you using? 


4 thoughts on “Perfecting Christmas – Cookies

  1. Your cookie looks lovely to me! I have some of my ginger shortbead cookies in the freezer. I just need to take them out, slice, and bake them. I always make them even though it’s not really Christmasy.

    • Gut, dass noch alle Tassen im Schrank sind, Robi. Und der Finken wird heute bestimmt von irgendwo winken, unterm Bett hervor oder hinterm Eit3rngsnoa&#82g0;Lass dich nicht narren und sei lieb gegrüsst.

  2. I do not like that video responses are almost hidden now. Something visual other than a small text number to show there are responses is needed. Even worse, it's not visible if the video is a response to another video…The fade in effects are annoying and unseyesnarc. I hope sound effects are not added as well when changing videos on the page.

  3. La loterie c’est une très bonne comparaison…Parce que en amour comme a la loto…Suffit de gagner l’gros lot UNE FOIS…Mais c’est là TOUT le défi

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