Turkey, Kale & Goats Cheese Pasta


Turkey leftover recipes was a great pick by Sara at Sassy Suppers.  I had been eyeing up this turkey/pasta recipe for a while and I am so glad that I finally cooked it.  I always need the Martha Mondays girls to urge me on in trying a new recipe that isn’t either a cake or some sort of dessert.  Thank you. 


Now, of course, we didn’t have any turkey leftovers so I used chicken breasts and fried them and then shredded them.   I also omitted the olives and used more lemon than the recipe said, oh, and I didn’t have any Penne left so I used Fusili instead!  Neither did I use parmesan at the end as the sauce was rich enough.  But apart from that the recipe stayed the same!  We loved it.  It really was a winner. 


3 thoughts on “Turkey, Kale & Goats Cheese Pasta

  1. Oooh! It does look good, maybe even better because of the changes!!! I can’t get anyone in my family to eat kale but maybe if I substituted swiss chard or even spinach I could get them to eat it. Thanks for trying this recipe!

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