Thumbprint Cookies

It’s was my pick this week for Martha Mondays and I knew from October that I wanted to do these thumbprint cookies.  The reason?  Well, I made them in October and they were a disaster.  They were wonderful in taste but far too crumbly and unfortunately they ended up being eaten by us at home rather than being sold for a charity event. 


Anyway, I braved up and prepared myself to make these again.  The recipe is easy and the pecans are one of my favourite ingredients.  I can never make the imprint in the biscuits last, even after using the end of a wooden spoon but they were certainly better than last time. 

My calculation is that there is no way to make 4 dozen from the recipe.  I will manage to do 36 at a push (I have frozen half the dough).  But I will make these again and again. They were a perfect treat after decorating the house for Christmas. 




5 thoughts on “Thumbprint Cookies

  1. Pru I was thinking of using the guava paste in the thumbprint cookies. I have my book club tonight so I won’t get to them until tomorrow.

    An easy way to use the guava paste is in puff pastry. I make a large one or individuals turnovers, just slice the guava paste and thin down some cream cheese to put in the middle. Let me know if you need any other suggestions for using it.

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