Paper Snowflakes


I worked a bit more on this at lunchtime.  By the end of the week the window will no doubt be covered in snowflakes.  I think I’m hooked!


This is certainly work in progress.  Crafting (and as it turns out, cutting pieces of paper) is not my strong point!

My office at work with my three attempts (so far).

Lyndsey chose Paper Snowflakes for this week’s Martha Monday’s Project.  The office seemed the ideal place to put these, as I sit right next to the window and also have a pair of scissors always to hand.  I always like paper snowflakes (although haven’t made them for years).  My snowflakes are very random and I think I will have to check out some snowflake guidelines to help me cut better. 




6 thoughts on “Paper Snowflakes

  1. I love them! I like to make them in for the kids at school. There is always one that is fascinated by them. I like to use my old coffee filters. I will post mine today after work.

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