Christmas At Work

I was keen to have my decorations up at work as soon as December 1st arrived.  Sitting in an office all day (as lovely as it is) always has me searching around wanting to brighten it up.  Sometimes I have flowers or a plant, and sometimes some other sort of sparkle or a fun poster. 


Last year I went with very colourful decorations.  Pink, purple, green, red and gold baubles hung from the window and I had red lights around my computer screen.  This year I decided to go for a more classy palette.  Red and gold. 


Habitat proved to be ideal for all my needs and the room was decorated on a budget of £20.  I will be using this colour scheme from now on I think and next week I will add some red flowers to my desk for some extra holiday cheer.

Red and gold glass trees were a bargain in Habitat at £7 each with a 3 for 2 event on.

I have been slowly bringing presents into work and they are currently stored under a table.  I can’t wait to hand them out.  The Christmas pudding in the middle was wrapped in muslin and a little bottle of brandy was tied to the top.


The tree sitting in the bay window at work.  It looks wonderful at night time with the lights aglowing.


Have you decorated your workspace for the holidays?

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