All Set For Christmas

It has been three weeks in the works and now the house is finally ready.  The tree is up, lights have been strung and baubles hang from most of the windows in the house. 

The front door looks even better at night time when the red star-shaped lights are turned on. 

The trees were purchased last year from a trip to Brighton.  They are solid wood with beautiful bark on the front.

Large baubles always hang in the living room window.  The new addition this year are the silver glittered acorns.  Whilst the other garlands are decorated with baubles we left the garland on the windowsil just with lights this year.

Before we bought the tree on Friday we had a Christmas tree branch in the living room with some of our special decorations on.  This is a new decoration which we purchased in Cologne earlier this month. 

The kitchen window (the snow was the addition this afternoon – three inches and counting!)

I need a lesson in photographing a Christmas tree as they always come out badly!  This shows the garland over the fire place which has pink and purple baubles and then the tree with pink, purple and gold lights.  The tree is a small one this year and sitting on top of the bookcase.  The purple silk tablecloth underneath was a purchase from Cologne just for this purpose.

And finally the hallway which I think remains elegant but festive.

2 thoughts on “All Set For Christmas

  1. Everything looks beautiful! I love the tree and the snowy backdrop! 😀 I am finally off for two weeks and I am just getting started on my Christmas! Thanks for the card…you were the second one I received this year! I knew you got started early!

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