Artichoke Dip

Artichokes and cheese sauce in my mind was always going to work.  This dip is easy to make even though it requires two different types of cheese and the thinly slicing of a gazillion artichokes.  It was worth it though.


The dip is cooked in two stages, cheese sauce mix which tasted great all on its own and I may use this recipe when I next make macaroni cheese and then artichokes, garlic, onion and thyme (I only had dried not fresh) are fried and then added to the cheese sauce before baking. 


I don’t know if I would bother with the baking bit as it just meant a longer waiting time before I could devour it!  A recipe that I have wanted to try for ages and which I will be making again very soon.  Thank you Ana for a wonderful choice.


P.S. – no photo this week, I couldn’t get a good shot of this at all!

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