Life in Grace

Thinking about it, I cannot remember when I first clicked onto someone’s blog.  It just happened.  But with Edie’s Life in Grace blog, I can pinpoint the day – 31st October 2009.  As part of Edie’s 12 Days of Christmas event Darby at Fly Through Our Window did the first post and ever since then I haven’t missed one of Edie’s posts. 


Just before Christmas, Edie and her family escaped from a fire that consumed their newly purchased home but not their spirits.  When I first read the news I cried and I have found it remarkable that I cried and thought so much about someone who I have never met, but whose life I follow through looking at a computer screen. 


Edie has the grace that I wish I had.  I am ready to admit that I do not think I could have handled things as well as Edie has done.  Instead Edie saw the positives in that her children were unharmed and she was very thankful for that alone. 


Friends have rallied around her and that is testament to what a lovely and kind woman she is.  Her blog has been hijacked so that friends can leave messages of support and link their blogs to Edie’s to show how much we appreciate and love her. 


Most blogs inspire me in one way or another but Edie’s blog is always full of normal life and wonderful recipes and crafts (admittedly which I never really try).  But I did do one craft that was featured – the  ragamuffin garland which you can see here.  Even though the idea wasn’t Edie’s, whenever I think of Edie the garland is the first thing that comes to my mind. 


Edie and her family are continually in my thoughts, but I know for sure that Edie will come out of this time stronger than she was before.

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