Looking Ahead

It is hard to believe that five days have already gone by.  In a flash.

My goals for 2011 are simple:

Redecorate my bedroom

I’m thinking of cream/gold walls, new bedding and maybe something special at the window.  I may also paint the shelves – possibly jade.  I’m not sure.  But certainly on a tightish budget with some handmade items too.


Cook more

I was so lucky to receive lots of cookbooks for Christmas including Tartine and Deserts by Pierre Herme.  Now it is time to cook from them.  And I also need to make more effort when I do cook ‘Aim Higher’ will be my mantra this year.


Celebrate more

 I turn 28 in a month’s time and I am already thinking about how I want to celebrate.  But I don’t just want to celebrate my birthday – I want to celebrate more day-to-day things. 


Watch the spending

 Turns out, I don’t need a grande latte most mornings or a new magazine once a week or a lot of the crap other things that I buy.  Time to curb the spending so that I can then afford the things I really need.

So, there they are.  I’m not mentioning health issues as this only sends me into a panic and then helps me no more than if I didn’t mention them.

What are your resolutions?


4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. I think those are great resolutions. I will enjoy seeing the bedroom project take shape. I too want to find a way to enjoy little things more, and not worry about health also.

  2. Sounds good! I remember you saying that you liked big earrings! It will be interesting to see what you do with your room.

    I don’t really make resoloutions for the new year, but I am always looking for way to improve what I do. I just started to join a buying club for organic veggies that I can get once a week or less. It’s so much fun finding new things to use and make.

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