‘Stuff’ – Can I do away with lots of the things in my room?

Recently I wrote that one of my main goals this year was to redecorate my bedroom.  It’s not just the colour of the walls that are on my mind, or what new bedding to buy.  No.  Recently it has been the amount of ‘stuff’ that fits in my room. 


I have a lot of stuff.  And I have been wondering, if I lost it all what would I want to replace.  The thing is, although some see their ‘stuff’ as temporary as I do in a way, I also see it as ‘stuff’ that I have loved and looked after, and treasured in some cases, and spent my hard-earned money on.  So, parting with some of it will certainly be hard but the  books I read ages ago and keep just in case I want to have a look through them again would I replace them?  Probably not.  And the DVDs and CDs that I liked ages ago but never watch anymore?  Maybe one day.  


Therefore, I am going to experiment with living with less.  I currently have five things of hand lotion in my room for which I moisturise once a fortnight.  It’s crazy. 

This is my bedroom at the moment (I didn’t bother to tidy it beforehand – we are friends after all – I am sure you won’t mind).  Tomorrow I will start boxing and bagging things up to see if I really need them or if they could be donated to others. 

How much stuff do you have?  Any ideas on what I should do?




1 thought on “‘Stuff’ – Can I do away with lots of the things in my room?

  1. It’s hard to get rid of stuff. It was even harder getting rid of my mother’s stuff after she died. I didn’t know what was important to her and what was just stuff. So now when I clean, I’m cleaning like if I died tomorrow, what would I want left for my daughter to go through. I want her to go through the stuff that meant alot to me, not the crap. Time to ditch the old CDs and the VHFs.

    Now clothes is another matter! 😉

    Just my two cents. Hope it helps!

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