Buttery Apple Cake

This cake was the first recipe I ever cooked of Martha’s.  I have strong memories of buying the April 2007 issue of Living as this was the first Living magazine I ever bought (I have every copy since April 2007 in a bookcase at home) and of making this cake.


In March and April of 2007 I was off sick from work for a month.  February to May of that year remains the worst time of my life but know that I certainly came out stronger and while crediting myself and my family with pulling me through, I also credit Martha and her team as they kept me busy and inspired during that time (and ever since!). 


The first time I made the cake however I didn’t have proper ‘cups’ so I used a little cup – a bit bigger than an espresso cup (!) and the results weren’t great.  The cake ended up too greasy (as I measured the butter) and not that appley. 


But I figured it was time to revisit the cake.  And I can tell you, that this cake when measured out with proper cups is very moist with the apple at the bottom (I squeezed the apples out slightly before putting them in the base of the tin) and buttery and slightly crunchy on top from the addition of butter, egg and sugar added to the top of the cake for the last 20 minutes of baking. 


If you make this recipe, here is my hint:  Make the cake batter before shredding the apples, as although the apples loose none of their taste, they do go brown.



5 thoughts on “Buttery Apple Cake

  1. Hi Pru! I guess the art of cooking and creating something does contain healing powers – and who doesn’t love apple cake?

    Come on over to my blog. There is a nice prize waiting for you. Come and get it!

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