“Not So Good”

“Not so good” would be my answer if you asked how I am at the moment.  Well, depending on who you are, it might be a variation of that.  If I answer you with a very quick “I’m fine” then you should panic and go hide.  This is the standard answer always to this question of I am full of misery.  Just so you know, you should also go hide if you ever utter the words “You look tired” to me.  This is a red rag to the already very tired me, and I will kill you – with my stare!  Just so you know.  I have never met in person one person who has ever left a message here.  Maybe one day.


“Not so good” though seems to be as good as I can muster.  Something isn’t right.  I am restless but tired.  Wanting to change, but seemingly unable to change that much.  I know that I can’t quite put my finger on what is wrong.  But I am trying.  I am trying so hard.  Maybe that is the problem. 


I am sure it will pass.  I keep thinking that if I have a quiet weekend and just do some little things and sleep and rest then I will be “fine” again.   So there you have it.  The ramblings of me as I try and muster the energy to get some things done before it’s time for bed. 


One thought on ““Not So Good”

  1. I think this time of year is just so hard. Have you thought about getting one of those lightboxes they recommend for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder? I am thinking about getting one because I generally feel down this time of year. What I do when I am feeling miserable is: do something nice for someone else, exercise, bake, work on details of trips I have planned coming up in the next year, shop, and read a good book. Hang in there!

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