Inviting More Happiness

Recently I have felt so tired and unhappy. 

I felt like crying on Thursday morning when I realised that it was in fact Thursday and not Friday. 

When unhappiness comes a’calling, and it happens a bit too often for my liking I turn to a new self-help book.  Byron Katie was my last ‘guru’ who had great ideas and I do try to live by the rule that you shouldn’t expect something more than what you have received (except service in restaurants – I still expect better service than I get).  But I am ready to try the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I have only heard about her recently but she wrote about a year of trying to live more happily and I could certainly do with that.


My aim is to feel and be more positive and happier.  Sometimes I am happy, and probably more than I realise.  I have nothing to be sad about.  But I want to reconnect and find the happiness which I am sure is lurking inside of me somewhere. 


3 thoughts on “Inviting More Happiness

  1. I sure hope you find your inner happiness Pru! If you need to chat, please feel free to email me. I wish we could meet at Spanish Pointe Pub that overlooks the water, enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset, chatting with some friends.

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