Perfecting Pru’s First Award

Darling Ana at Sweet Almond Tree who leaves me such beautiful – and at times crazy – comments has named Perfecting Pru as one of her top ten blogs.  I am truly honoured.  This is the first award that Perfecting Pru has ever received and it came just days before Perfecting Pru’s one year birthday!

To accept this award there were rules.  These rules involve telling you (whoever reads the blog – please feel free to say ‘hi’) seven things about me.  I have thought long and hard about this and whilst you may already know some of them, you won’t know them all I am sure.  Here they are:

1.  My nickname growing up was Boo.  My dad sometimes calls me it and I love it when he does. 

2.  I am named after a hot water bottle in a film.  It is an old TV Drama called ‘Nuts in May’ about a couple who go camping and when they go to bed the wife says to the husband  ‘kiss Prudence goodnight Keith’ and mum and dad fell in love with the name.  But my name is actually Pru and not, thankfully Prudence. 

3.  I am unsure where my life is heading.  ‘Here’ is not where I planned to be at the age of 27.  I always thought that by now I would have a partner and be thinking of settling down.  That seems a very long way off! 

4.  When I am at work and we play the game ‘if the building was closed down for the afternoon where would you go?’ I usually answer ‘Kew Gardens’.  Although I go so infrequently.  I should aim to go soon. 

5.  Sunday mornings are my favourite.  I love the routine of picking up coffee in Richmond at Starbucks (Grande Latte for me and a Tall Triple Shot Americano for my mum) and then heading to the park with Violet.  I need the coffee to make sure that I can spot any deer around – or that is the excuse I use anyway!

6.  I sometimes wish that I believed in something more than my own set of rules and beliefs.  When I read how other people get through life’s challenges through their beliefs it makes me wish that I did have a religious connection. 

7.  I could watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The West Wing all day long. 

The final part of the deal in accepting the award was to name ten blogs that I love (so in no particular order) (and going over the ten as I could have just referred you to my blogroll where all my favourites are listed)

Andrew Ritchie’s Martha Moments – the first blog I ever read.  I have read every post that Andrew has written and I consider him a dear friend as I do…

Kenn who writes Everyday House Blend.  I started following Kenn after seeing his comments on Andrew’s blog.  Kenn mixes lifestyle articles and items on MSLO well.  He is always kind in his words to me and I am happy every time we are in touch. 

Through Andrew and Kenn’s writings I started reading about Eddie Ross and although this is more of a website than a blog, Eddie and Jaithan are always offering inspiring ideas – even though I never obtain them.

 And through Eddie Ross I read about Seleta who has exquisite taste for clothes and design.  I like the idea of leading Seleta’s life or making my life more like Seleta’s.  Living at the beach would be good too!

 It’s amazing how reading blogs helps you to read other people’s work.  Other favourites are Fly Through Our Window, Elements of Style, The Nester and of course, Edie’s Life In Grace – if you want to see someone living a life in grace during a really hard time then Edie is your gal!

And Icould never forget my lovely Martha Mondays Gals! 

I never fully understood what Brette was trying to do at first, when she would change Martha’s recipes (I understand fully now though!).  If it wasn’t for Brette I would never have got to know Lyndsey who is now incredibly managing three blogs, Megan who I can never match in time or expertise cooking, Sara whose newly designed blog I am in love with and of course Ana, darling, darling Ana.  You all make my writing worthwhile – thank you. xx

Thank you again Ana.  I am truly touched.


3 thoughts on “Perfecting Pru’s First Award

  1. Thank you so much, Pru! I’m honored to be on your list!
    Congratulations on your award… it’s well deserved. Your quest for perfecting yourself truly is an inspiration to many!

    Wishing you the best always!

  2. Pru, I was your “first time?” Haha! I am truly honoured. Your early comments of support really gave me strength and gusto to continue the blog, even when I had zero time and often zero energy. THANK YOU, PRU!!! I’m so glad that my blog inspired your beautiful spot on the Web!

  3. Pru, I enjoy reading your blog so much. I know that you feel sort of “stuck” in your life, but I feel as though in the time I’ve known you that you’ve evolved and changed so much. I feel that Pru is pretty perfected already! I love your desire to strive for more. And not to sound ancient and decrepit, but as the mom of a young adult woman who is also finding her way, it seems to me that it all just takes longer than it used to. It makes me sad to read how frustrated and stuck you feel. So, I think you should have patience and enjoy everything you’re doing now and know that it will all come together when it’s supposed to. You have so much time ahead of you (and I know that doesn’t help because it is met with eye-rolling in my house as well).

    We visited Kew Gardens when we were in England and loved it. The best part for me was the walk from the train through that cute little village. My son loved the treetop walk. It is a beautiful place. I bought a gorgeous paperweight there that sits on my desk.

    I had to laugh that you never understood what I was doing when I was changing Martha’s recipes. I’m not one to color inside the lines, so when I cook, I adjust things to meet my own tastes and sensibilities. And I often know when reading a recipe how it is lacking and what I need to do to fix it.

    The other blogs you’ve mentioned here are fantastic. Andrew’s blog was also one of the first blogs I read regularly and it is truly magnificent. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of the bloggers you’ve mentioned!

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