Deformed Potatoes

There’s a programme on at the moment about a former chef who has opened a ‘peoples supermarket’ where members of the public pay £25 to join, have to do so much volunteering a month and in return receive 10% off each shopping bill.  I watch it whilst reading a magazine. It’s a programme that I want to shout at.   The man obviously has no idea about people living on a council estate but he has started to try harder.  Anyway, I digress.  I probably will a couple of times.  This post is actually about my hair. 


But on this programme they wanted to get cheaper produce in and the guy went to a potato farm where there were thousands upon thousands of potatoes that were either a little too big, too small or had knobbles on and therefore the supermarket deemed that they weren’t appropriate for consumers.  (They ended up being turned into tasty crisps)  But the fact that the supermarkets have such strict criteria is craziness.  Give me a decent tasting potato or any other vegetable with a knobble on and I won’t care at all. 


But it got me thinking about how I, like a supermarket, think that people will be happier if I conform to a certain way.  I mean I haven’t polled people on it.  I just assume it.  And hair is the first thing to get a bit of a makeover. 


Since I was 15 I have straightened my hair nearly every day.  My hair is a little crazy, falling into the ‘wavy, frizzy, ‘what the hell?’ hair category.  But it has taken a battering over the years of being ironed sometimes twice a day and I would like to see if I can make it stronger, healthier hair whilst embracing the ‘natural’ look.  So, as the supermarkets have no reason to believe that we will not buy the knobbly potato, I have no basis to believe that people will have any issues with my natural hair. 


And so, from tomorrow my hair will appear clean (as always) but un-straightened.  In fact, natural to the elements in what ever form it decides to take up (I will start praying that there is no drizzle!).  I will do it for one week and then see how I feel.  I may decide that the straightners are my favourite friend and that I cannot cope with comments about my hair.  Or I may decide to embrace the ‘big’ hair that lives on my head and that I feel very comfortable with out of work.  I’ll let you know how I get on.


Do you conform to what you think people want or do you just do what you like? Any tips on controlling the hair without the need for any heated instruments?


3 thoughts on “Deformed Potatoes

  1. That type of supermarket is called a co-op here in the States and there’s probably at least one in every decent sized city. For years it was the only place you could get organic vegetables.

    I have curly hair and do not straighten it at all. In fact, I do nothing to it other than wash it and brush it. I just don’t have patience for all of that. I’m pretty much a take me as I am gal. I’ll be interested to hear how your hair experiment goes!

  2. This is a nice post Pru. I’ve had more bad hair days than I care to remember. Sometimes I use a barrette or a headband to get it in control. I think you are making the right choice to give your hair a rest and let it get stronger. You write in your post “people will be happier if I conform to a certain way.” I guess it makes us happy to believe that people won’t criticize us if we conform to what they expect of us. So we cave in and follow the social fads. Which a lot of the time don’t make us happy. It takes strength to tackle one’s issues methodically as you are doing. I applaud you.

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