Ushering In Spring – Singer Style

Whilst some friends are still knee deep in snow, here, we haven’t had any snow since Christmas.  But it certainly remains cold.  I have made a decision that I will not let the weather stand in my way when it comes to gardening this year.  Although I draw the line at really heavy rain and hail – I’m resolute but not stupid!


Anyway, work has been going on in our garden for the last month on and off.  It was a family project (these come around once a year or so) so it was a big deal.  And it will make such a difference to the family and the house this year.  We have added a cut flower bed to the back of the garden. 

In front of the vegetable box we now have a 1m x 1.5m raised bed.  It is made out of the same material that the vegetable box is and they look pretty good and in line together.  Whilst fitting plastic panels together, it seemed like the ideal time to add another layer to the vegetable box which will hopefully help us grow stronger vegetables and stop the squatting that takes place when weeding the box. 

Of course once the bottom of the garden was sorted out it meant that we then started looking at ways to usher in spring.  A trip to the garden centre means that we have colourful primroses in the window boxes in the back garden and muscari planted in the front boxes.  I keep checking on them to see when we may have blue flowers (they aren’t ready yet though).  I love the anticipation. 

And we do have a few crocuses up, irises and one lone daffodil.  Spring is on its way.  And I cannot wait! 


4 thoughts on “Ushering In Spring – Singer Style

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! I have seen the grass exactly once since early November! The thought of planting something in February! Wow! We don’t plant anything here until late May because there is the risk of frost. I won’t see any bulbs coming up until late March/early April depending on the temperatures.

  2. I am looking at your primroses and I feel like crying. We just thawed out after months of snowcovered ground, and right after we thawed out we got another snow storm. I just hope to be able to get around to my gardening chores in mid March. Happy gardening Pru!

  3. I never realised how lucky I am this year to have spring already popping up in the garden. The thought of daffodils and tulips and everything spring is what is keeping me going at the moment.

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