Where I Blog From

One of my favourite places to visit is Ill Seen Ill Said.  Jane’s words are so personal and I usually find myself agreeing with her thoughts on various matters.  Sometimes it seems as if she is saying what I can never manage to put into words. 

On a Monday she asks bloggers that inspire her to show the place where they blog from.  They are usually very artful and usually minimalistic and as my spaces aren’t I figured that I would show you where I blog from.  Who knows maybe Jane will one day ask me to put my photos and words on her blog.  But until then…


This is where I blog from.


I blog from two places, but mainly from at home.  Sometimes if time is really short I copy the photos on to the post at home and then work on the text at work.  Most Martha Monday’s projects end up being done this way. 

At home the computer is housed on a big desk where storage and practicality rule.  Only mum and I use the computer but it is used as a space to keep wrapping paper, cardboard cake boxes, all stationary, photograph albums and general papers. 

Two bookcases are bulging with books and my collection of Living magazines.  We are in need of another trip to Ikea for a new bookcase.

Two prints that I brought back from my first trip to Australia hang on the walls (the only frames on the walls).  These prints hold so many great memories.


At work I manage to fit in time to check on the blog in the mornings and at lunchtime.  I can’t bear to take down the lights that I put up for Christmas so here they still are.  I am soon to leave this office with the wonderful view to share an office with someone else.  I am loving every minute of the view while I still can.

As much as possible I like to work in what ever sunlight there is.  I hate having the light on.  So the room is always pretty dark at this time of year.

A print received from a friend reminds me of our holiday together in New York in 2005.

So, now you know where I blog from – where do you blog from? 


5 thoughts on “Where I Blog From

  1. What a great post! I’m inspired to post something similar! I love seeing where people ‘reside’ while they blog, craft, or work at home. Thanks for sharing, Pru!

  2. I like seeing where you blog from! I would love to see all the foodies bloggers kitchens too! (or not…I might feel bad that mine is so small) You have a lovely space and both are so nice with a window right next to you! My space seems so cluttered with all my notes and such! I like the Christmas lights too! I am still using my penguin with sticking cap mug! 😀

  3. Oops..that’s stocking cap not “sticking” cap. Don’t you just hate that when you click the Post Comment button and then you notice the typo…just staring at you in the face?

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