Crumb Cake

I am sometimes so surprised how food types in the US just don’t jump over the pond to us in the UK.  One of those is Crumb Cake.  I had to ask Brette for the recipe and also for an explanation of what it is.  We don’t have crumb cake here and it is probably a blessing as I think I would have a square of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  This was scrummy.


And also easy to make.  Although Brette kindly gave me the recipe when I got home I found that I had left it at work and so used this recipe from the site instead.  It’s a little different.  Brette’s recipe called for buttermilk and my recipe didn’t use it. 

We tested it still warm from the pan and it was delicious and still wonderful later.  I seem to feed people (one in particular) who requires cream with everything, so I whipped up cream with orange zest and a little Grand Marnier and it was still great.  But I think I prefer it plain.  I’ll have to do another taste test to see!


5 thoughts on “Crumb Cake

  1. This does look good. I’m glad you liked it. I didn’t make it because we had too much cake in the house this weekend. My son turned seven and I made a Martha Stewart cake from the January issue.

  2. Your cake looks very well prepared. You’re a real professional! I like the cream you made, too. I posted mine late again, as usual, but it was a good cake. Very crumbly. The crumbs crumbled all over the plate.

  3. Your crumb cake look perfect. It is funny how somethings don’t catch on over there, you would think you knew what crumb cake was, it’s been around for a while. Very interesting. I didn’t make mine, I didn’t have cake flour and I’m not that good of a baker. I really need to get back into joining in Martha Mondays…too many days off for me.

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