Looking Back to Look Forward

I was up early this morning, 6.45am, as usual but today I am not due at work.  I have taken a spur-of-the-moment day off.  I had been thinking of taking some time off but only had it authorised last night.  There is something great about knowing when you need a day off and being able to take it quickly.  I am very thankful. 


I am going out later with mum, who first has a hospital appointment, to do some shopping and have lunch. 


But one of the main reasons for taking the day off is that I need want to upload photographs onto Flickr and they are taking me forever to do and are driving me slightly insane.  (It’s important for me to realise when I ‘need’ to do something as opposed to ‘want’.  The ‘want’ usually drives me more than the ‘need’).


This morning coffee in hand (strong, white with two), I have been uploading and looking back on some of my favourite photos.

Me, without make-up and out of focus, but one of the only photos I have ever taken of myself that I am happy with (Nov. 2010)

The garden last Sunday.

Violet, Christmas morning 2010 in Richmond Park

Very, very early morning.  London – May 2010.  Part of my night volunteering at the Moonwalk which you can read about here.

Garsons Farm, Summer 2010

It’s great to look forward but I love looking back and remembering such happy times.  Looking at the sweet peas at Garsons Farm (a pick your own farm about 10 miles from my home) reminded me of what a great day we had – and that the sun will shine and bring warmth soon!!!


8 thoughts on “Looking Back to Look Forward

  1. Pru, you look absolutely beautiful!!! Very nice pictures. Is that the dome of St. Paul’s in the picture of London? (Give my best to Violet. She rocks too. My dog Linus thinks she is kind of sexy).

  2. Pru! Your comment made my day! Thank you for your encouraging spirit.
    I hope that having a flash of color is a great joy in your day! {I would LOVE to see a picture}

    It made me so happy to see the gorgeous London skyline this morning. Can you believe that, well before I clicked on your blog, I have had “A foggy day in London town” in my head all day. So wonderful to see across the pond this morning 🙂

    live with beauty!

  3. I love your pictures! I really must make a trip ‘across the pond’ one day. So beautiful! I can’t believe how full the garden is looking. I’m jealous! We still have snow on the ground!

  4. I think this is one my favourite posts. Looking back over lots of photos made me realise how small things can be so great (like the sweet peas and Violet).

    Thank you all for your kind words.

  5. Hi Pru, love your post and beautiful photos and you look so pretty and you don’t need makeup to make you pretty! wish you a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing photos of your shortcrust pastry.

  6. You look beautiful, I wish I looked that good without makeup. I can see why these are some of your favorite photos. I have a Flickr account, but not sure what to do with it, maybe I’ll email you and pick your brain.

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