Giving Up? Never!

It’s Ash Wednesday today, the start of Lent.  The sun is shining for the third day in a row.  I am truly happy. 


Although my religious beliefs are too difficult to try to explain, and I don’t have any wish to start chatting about them on an open forum like this, I do try to observe different parts of different religions.  I believe that if I can learn from something then I am making myself into a better person and that is always my goal. 


Yesterday on Twitter I announced that I am giving up three things for Lent.  Lattes, Muffins and Crisps (chips to any American’s reading!).  Can you tell that my breakfast choice is not exactly a healthy one?  Having said that, even though the sun is shining and I am happy, my night’s sleep are being harboured by a tummy bug affecting my dad.  Sleep is a luxury which I didn’t get much of and therefore I have a triple shot Americano and a croissant in front of me typing this!  It’s lucky that I didn’t give up caffeine!


Anyway, as well as giving up these three things I want to concentrate on two more – my patience level and my ability to gossip.  It is an ugly side to me and one that I am always trying to ‘right’ but never getting far with.  I then always feel guilty – which is a Pru trait I don’t see me getting rid of soon. 


I also want to concentrate on my health and emotional levels as well.  Mum and I are in training for a sponsored walk in May and are busy in training (I have another three mile power walk to do when I get home) so I do have some time constraints going on. 


So, I plan for these forty days to look after myself whilst making myself into a person I would be glad to know.  It’s almost like doing resolutions again (I broke mine by about 6th January this year!)


Are you giving up anything for Lent? 




3 thoughts on “Giving Up? Never!

  1. You can’t give up lattes! I would be lost without my caffeine fix in the morning. Muffins I could easily give up, as well as crisps, but my coffee is where I draw the line.

    As far as the patience & gossip go, I have to agree with you. It’s hard to try and better oneself in those arenas, so for me it’s an ongoing process.

    Luck on your walk-a-thon!

  2. Thank you David and Megan. Note that it is lattes. Not caffeine. I think I would be fired by friends and families without a fix of caffeine every few hours. Only lattes. Cappucinos, Americanos – they are still allowed (thankfully!)

    And the training is going well so far – thanks to your lovely comments. : )

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