Irish Beef Hand Pies

I had seen the recipe from Everyday Food a few times before but I had never been inclined to make it.  I don’t know why.  But when Megan chose them for Martha Mondays I decided to give in and make them for dinner at the weekend.  I am (in some ways) pleased that I did. 

I assume that ‘pie crust’ is shortcrust pastry and so I made my own.  I always like making pastry.  I find it therapeutic and I still marvel at home a few ingredients go from a dry mess to a wet mess to pastry.  It’s weird.  I love it. 

Do you notice the burnt offerings on the side?  Yep.  If my pies had been golden brown in 10 to 12 minutes dinner would have been fine.  But they weren’t.  They took 20 minutes.  So the roasted baby leeks and potato cake didn’t fair too well. 


I found that the mince required more Worcestershire sauce so I made this up to a teaspoon and I put in another dollop of tomato puree too.  I would also add beef stock instead of the cup of water and make the mixture a bit wetter. 

I actually made three of them and had a bit of the mince mixture left over.  I don’t know how this would make eight.  But I will make these again with a few more additions. 

Thanks for the pick.  I’m pleased that I have made them and I will store this with all my amendments on to try again.

If you want to join in with Martha Mondays contact Brette at Martha & Me


8 thoughts on “Irish Beef Hand Pies

  1. You made your own pastry! Good for you! I considered it and decided to go the store bought route. Also, just like yours, mine needed extra time in the oven. In the end they were pretty good. You know what? They look better with homemade dough.

    • I’m pleased that it wasn’t only me who required a longer cooking time – I thought the oven might need servicing! These were pretty good. I’m coming over to see your results right now!

  2. It took mine at least twenty minutes too. I ended up making my own pastry too, maybe that was it. I used some more seasoning, and more worcestershire too. Your pie crust looks amazing, nice job.

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