Lemon Pudding

I was so pleased that we had a Martha Monday’s project this week.  I felt the need to reconnect with the kitchen after being absent for over a week and to do a dessert was the icing on the cake – so to speak. 

Sara chose this dessert, and it is wonderful. 

Simple ingredients – egg yolks, lemon zest, cornflour, sugar, salt and milk

After the addition of extra milk the mixture is brought to a simmer

It was easy to do to and I was pleased that I kept an eye on the simmering liquid as within seconds it turned to a thick custard consistency. 

Custard-like before adding the lemon juice off the heat

I halved the recipe and it all worked out fine.  It is a beautiful yellow colour and we could all taste the lemon really well. 

A great Martha Monday’s pick.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else thought. 

If you want to join Martha Mondays then please contact Brette at Martha & Me it is great fun and once you are a member you have the opportunity to pick a Martha Mondays task. 


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