There’s Always Got To Be A Treat

One way to get me to do something, or for me to get my bum in gear, is for there to be a reward. 


Sunday morning had a great treat awaiting me.  All I had to do was an eight mile walk which finished at Buckingham Palace and then the treat was breakfast from Pret A Manger (mango and lime salad and an almond croissant) and a coffee (Iced Vanilla Coffee) from Starbucks.  But the real treat came after mum and I had grabbed our goodies.  We went to see the flowers outside Buckingham Palace and walked through St. James’s Park.  I did the same last year and you can see the photos here


I don’t know what had me more excited walking the pavement at 7am – the coffee or the flowers.  I think it was 50/50!


London is gearing up for the Royal Wedding in three weeks and marquees take up a lot of the grass in Green Park with large TV studios being built on the Mall. 

Buckingham Palace was looking beautiful.  I always have a *pinch me* moment when I see it, I lived pretty close but I am always so grateful to live in London when I see the palace and all the other buildings around.  The flower beds were filled with yellow wallflowers and red or burgundy tulips. 

St James’s Park was a riot of colour

Actually, looking through the photos this afternoon, I think the flowers were the best treat of doing the walk. 


Do you plan to watch the Royal Wedding?  Are you interested in it at all?  I would love to know your thoughts. 



2 thoughts on “There’s Always Got To Be A Treat

  1. OMG wow… what a beautiful day! and BEAUTIFUL flowers! I could be out there all day. I reallllly want to watch the royal wedding but I’m not sure they’re gonna play it here in china… Im gonna have to look for it online!

    Stumbled here. Enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing.

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