The Abbey, Flags and Lots of Cakes

I am pleased to report that I did my last eight-mile walk on Friday morning. Only a ten mile walk to go before training ends and the big walk will be upon us soon. And, even though it is tempting fate a bit, my legs seem to be getting stronger with no tightness for the last few weeks! Yay!

After seeing the photos in the paper I knew that I wanted to finish our walk on Regents Street and I was so pleased that at 8am this is what greeted us at the end of our walk:

Penhaligons had a really pretty and patriotic window display:

And then on Saturday on our walk back from Borough Market the Embankment was decked out with bunting and beach hunts for a bank holiday party. There was even sand for the children to play in.

Last night mum and I went into London to see the Abbey and The Mall. The atmosphere was incredible.

And then on a tip off from Rowaida on Twitter we walked along to Harrods. In the windows are photos of previous royal marriages along with cakes by designers including Laduree, Paul Smith, Wedgwood, Theo Fennell and Clive Christensen. I have never seen window displays like it.

I’m all ready for the wedding. The shopping list is prepared, napkins and champagne glasses are ready too. I didn’t think I would look forward to it this much but I am really excited!

Will you be celebrating/watching?

~ Pru


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