Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know All About Me

There is nothing like a royal wedding to make me wonder if I will ever get hitched. Therefore I have bitten the bullet. Dating is my new hobby. I have put my profile on an on-line dating website and it was heartbreaking.

The photo I used (yes, if you are new to this, then you must upload a photo) was one I took in November where I have no make-up on. I did go with some of your comments when you saw a few months ago that I looked okay. Thing is, I don’t have a great recent photo of just me that wasn’t taken from a distance.

And then I wondered if I really knew myself when I was answering the 100 or so questions about myself. The answers to choose from where just awful, or whether (with about 99% of the questions) I’m just in between two or possibly three of the answers.

But I know these things for sure:

– I’m 28 years old, single, living at home with my parents.

– No short-term or long-term relationship to speak about.

– Not crazy or weird but shy (and then outgoing when you get to know me).

– I have very little confidence when it comes to my figure, attractiveness or style.

– I can bake a mean cake, and cook a dinner, be content spending time on my own or with others, make people laugh, be a good listener, get up at 5am to walk 10 miles, type really quickly and be a good friend.

I also learnt from answering the questions these few things. For example, listing hobbies as blogging, reading, baking and gardening might make me sound like I’m 55 years old. And that I’m possibly too old for my age in other ways- my ideal Saturday night out is not going to a concert or sports venue I’d prefer a decent meal and maybe settling down at home.

But, I will perservere. This website asks you to send five questions to the person you like the look of. Five questions from a list which is boring. I don’t think you can tell anything about the person as the answers range from the absurd to the *normal* answer that just qualifies it as being okay. So far I have answered four sets of questions and replied with five questions. This could take years. What happens if I get to be 38 and I am still living at home and answering questions and getting knowwhere(?)

So, I’m asking for your help dear readers. I would really love it if you could just answer me really quickly, and let me know if you have found love (ever) and if you have any tips on how I might find someone, not even to love for the rest of my life, but just to go on a date with.

Please help me. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. And tips, I like tips. Or maybe, you have a cousin living in London who you wouldn’t mind setting me up with…?


6 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know All About Me

  1. Oh Pru! I hope you find someone! I am no help to you at all. I met my husband when we were 17 and we married at 20. I never seriously dated anyone else. And likely I would still be single if I hadn’t met him because I’ve always been like you – I don’t like parties or concerts. I think you have to believe that the right person is out there and it’s just a matter of finding him. Which is pretty annoying to be sure. Do you have any friends who can set you up with someone?

  2. First, you are a beautiful, intelligent woman. I love reading your updates on your blog and reading about things on your side of the pond.

    Are there meetup dot com groups in your area? You can meet people with similar interests and visit some interesting sites. I’m in two groups. They groups are so different. One is the very elite, cliche group. The other is more down to earth.

    I also meet a great group of people thru an adult ed class. I took a couple of photoshop classes as well as photography class. How about auditing a class at university?

    You also mentioned walking – is there a marathon training group? Maybe you can meet some other athletic active adults. A coworker trained for 6 months for the Dublin marathon. She has maintained friendships with many people from the training group even after 5 years.

    I also joined a camera club and meet some great photographers. After my first year in the club I won photo of the year. It served as a great launching pad for the second half of my life. I’m forced to talk about my photos to complete strangers. I also have been given great chance to ask others about their work.

    I wish you luck on your quest.


  3. I dont have any tips either but I like Jim’s tips. You seem like a person that a lot of guys would love to date. Now you just have to find them. I hope you the best.

  4. Pru,
    I find you very interesting and those who enjoy a good meal and quiet time at home are usually those who like who they are and are interested in people. I agree with Jim if you can find a group or class where other’s will be with the same interests as yourself.

    I dated on and off and started out extremely shy in high school…then started working with people and eventually came out of my shell. Like you….I will warm up to someone then you can’t shut me up 😀 I met my husband when we were 32 and married at 35. His cousin who I worked with introduced us, (I was happily single at the time). I have a co-worker who met her husband at a speed dating event and she married at age 40.

    Just be happy with who you are and others will love you! Keep us posted!! Good luck!

  5. I met my husband when I was 28 (and wasn’t looking for a husband or a date.) We’ve been married 25 great years. My advice would be to live your life, pursue your hobbies and interests (don’t apologize for them), and be sure to get out in the world to mix with people a bit, get out to mix because you want to, not because you are looking for someone. You never know how funny fate can be. I look forward to hearing about your engagement! I know it will happen to you.

  6. My dearest Pru,
    In the short time that the internet has brought us together, I admire you so much. What I adore about you is that you don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. Your charm, your wit, your intelligence, your creativity and your saavy baking and cooking skills put you miles ahead of so many others.

    Everything happens when it’s suppose to happen. While it’s sometimes difficult to be patient, I had to wait until I was in my late 30s before I found the right person… Well worth the wait!

    Until that time happens for you, know that you are a shining gem in the lives of many of us!

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