The London Moonwalk 2011


Moonwalk in 2007

Finishing the Moonwalk in 2007.  Decided at that stage never to walk 26 miles again!


And before the Moonwalk in 2008!


Like many of you, I have watched family and friends battle breast cancer.  Their courage and determination is what made me want to get involved in raising money for breast cancer.  And one of the best ways is to Walk The Walk and do the London Moonwalk.  Taking place in Hyde Park this Saturday night when 15,000 other men and women will step out in our decorated bras (or for the not so brave – t-shirts decorated with sparkly bras on the front) and power walk either 13 or 26 miles. 


The London Moonwalk takes place in Hyde Park and a huge pink tent is being erected as we speak.  We all gather for food, entertainment and a moments silence and then from 11pm in four stages we set off in our decorated bras around London.  The walk starts and finishes in Hyde Park and goes along the river, past the London Eye and along Westminster and back through to the park along Buckingham Palace.  This is no mean feat.  The fact that it takes place when you are usually going to sleep makes it quite gruelling, but very good fun.


Walk the Walk last year raised £9,500,000 to help provide services for people with breast cancer and so far has granted over £55 million in its 13 year history.  More details on the charity (Walk the Walk) and the London Moonwalk can be found here


This walk has really helped me get fitter and I do feel a lot better in myself with all the training that has gone on.  Walks to Buckingham Palace and Kensington Gardens have been a great treat and I would certainly make sure that I had a treat at the end of any more long walks. 


Please wish mum and I luck as we take part this Saturday.  You will be pleased to hear that I won’t be wandering the streets of London after the walk as we are booked into a nice hotel about 15 minutes away, so hopefully by 4am I will be tucked up in my bed!


I will post photos of the bra and trousers on Friday – you lucky things!



~ Pru

5 thoughts on “The London Moonwalk 2011

  1. The two of you are way too cute!!! Pru you look very pretty. I wish you and your mum good luck and good weather.

  2. By the way, I’ve been looking for a hat like the one Princess Beatrice wore at the royal wedding. Do you know where I can find one? So I can wear it and look sexy?

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