Is It Tuesday Night Already?

It seems like it was Friday just moments ago, but now it is already Tuesday night and I am trying to catch my breath (with the help of my new inhaler – doctor says I have mild asthma) to look back on the last few days. They certainly have been busy.

Mum and I did the Moonwalk (13.1 miles) in just over three and a half hours and we were both so pleased to cross the finish line. It also helped so much having a hotel room less than 20 minutes walk away and we were both tucked up in our beds at 4am and ready for breakfast at 8am.

I find that I always forget to take many photos when I am out at an event – truth be told, I was too busy singing and dancing and taking in the atmosphere to bother with the camera. I would much rather experience it first-hand than miss things and just look back on the photos. So really, the photos I took are the ones from Hyde Park earlier in the afternoon. And just for good measure, one from Cocomaya, a brilliant cake shop/chocolatier near Paddington.

And now, it’s Tuesday night. Home for the first evening and I am taking stock and getting sorted out. The garden has sprung up within the last week or so, and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive so that I can sit outside and enjoy it more.

Have a great week. I know that I am behind on loads of projects so you won’t see me until next week, but by then I hope to be back and on track.


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