I was informing a friend the other day that I had a list of 25 things to do and that I had got to 1.5 on the list.  It’s been one of those weeks!  And I think working my first five day week for the last few weeks has come as a bit of a shock.  Despite my recent health kick and swimming this week it looks like I have another chest infection so I have been using my new inhaler quite a bit and am praying that it doesn’t turn into anything bad – the last one had me at the hospital for x-rays. 


A quiet weekend is what is called for, but I doubt it will be that quiet.  The Singer household is turning into a bakery this weekend.  Last year I blogged that mum and I had done lots of baking for a charity fete and that time of year has come around again.  Lemon Cakes, a German Apple Cake, Chocolate Cake, Bakewell Tarts, cookies and dog biscuits are all on the menu and I will be sure to take lots of photos.  To add to that it is my pick for Martha Mondays and I have chosen Strawberry Shortcakes – do you fancy making them too?  And I’m also going to the do my Daring Bakers challenge.  


Probably not that quiet then.  I must show mum the most fantastic party that the Pleated Poppy did here – I would love to have a party like this, and I can imagine that the vases with pencils will be a gift lots of teacher’s receive as presents in the near future – cheap but really lovely.


Oh, and I have a date next week (Tuesday) so I suppose I had better sort out an outfit as well!



Have a great weekend!  What plans do you have?



~ Pru


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