Martha Mondays – Strawberry Shortcakes

It was my pick for Martha Mondays this week and in the hope of keeping the warm weather around I chose Strawberry Shortcakes. I swear it started raining as soon as I sent the email through to Brette with my pick!

Yep, the true British summer is with us. Out are the t-shirts and skirts and in are cardigans and umbrellas. The fire is even on in the living room.

Still. I don’t care. There were shortcakes, cream and strawberries to look forward to. Okay, now I thought that shortcakes would be different to a scone, more biscuity or something. But they are like a scone. They are fiddly to slice, and I did use a cutter for mine instead of doing the very un-Martha-ish thing to do and just cut them into eight squares. If a recipe doesn’t call for a couple of bowls, every measuring cup, at least four different spoons and a tape measure then it just doesn’t seem like a proper Martha recipe but the shortcakes only required one bowl. It was incredible.

Okay, enough with the chatter. Our verdict? We loved them. I would use this recipe again instead of my usual scone recipe. I liked that the strawberries had softened in the sugar. It was a winner.

I hope anyone else who made them liked them (and that you enjoyed them in warmer, dryer weather!)

~ Pru


5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Strawberry Shortcakes

  1. This wasn’t traditional shortcake really. It does tend to be more like a biscuit, which is why I normally don’t make that kind. But you’re right, this was like a scone and I enjoyed it. Very nice selection! And our local berries are now in so I picked up a quart this morning.

  2. I love strawberry shortcake anytime of year.. but especially when I can go outside and pick fresh berries.

    The best shortcakes are indeed those that are like scones. Here in the US, people use these round sweet cake like things that in all honesty are totally disgusting!

    Your shortcakes look perfect!

  3. It was a lot like my dad makes which I love. His are drop biscuits which are more like scones than biscuits. Yours looks so pretty! Love it. It was hot here and no rain, send some to us we could use it. 🙂 Oh I finally posted mine!

  4. Those shortcakes look divine! I love to see a golden biscuit and if it’s split & filled with fruit and softly whipped cream, even better! Yummy!!!!

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