Wow! This week went really quickly for me.  Almost too quickly. But at the same time it seems like Monday was week’s ago.  I think its due to how busy work has been and home life too.


Tuesday was a big day for me.  The girls at work and I had spoken about clothing options, makeup options, hair options for Monday and Tuesday in preparation for date night.  I learnt a lot on date night.  (1) I’m very quick not to blow my own trumpet – he asked about baking and I was very ‘Oh, I’m not that good, everyone seems to eat it though’.  What???? Absolutely crazy – I know that it might not be the most fantastic baking all the time and I’m never going to have a cookbook out but it ain’t all awful.  So, that was lesson one.  (2) Don’t worry so much about the clothing, makeup and hair options.  I looked nice, but I made sure that I wasn’t going to fall over in ridiculous heels and I wore sensible clothing (black linen trousers, pumps and a black Anthro top) so that I didn’t feel uncomfortable.  I don’t think there is going to be a second date but that is fine with me.  It was a good learning experience. 


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and I am taking mum and dad bowling and for dinner.  Dad want’s ribs.  I would rather go to Jamie Oliver’s.  He will win and I will lose but I suppose that’s okay for one day. 


I’m hoping to finally sort my bedroom out this weekend.  There has been lots of procrastinating over whether to re-do the whole room and buy new furniture or just to sort it out and update it.  I’m going to go with the second idea so shopping is on the agenda.  And then there is the Daring Bakers project to do and Martha Monday’s granita.


Have a great weekend.  What are you up to?


# Pru


One thought on “Weekend!

  1. I’m sorry the date wasn’t a repeat situation, but it sounds like it was a positive experience for you. Wish I could help you with your bedroom – I love decorating.

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