Espresso Granita

Only someone enjoying very warm weather and a pool in her backyard would choose an iced dessert for Martha Mondays! That’s right, it was Lyndsey’s choice this week and Granita was the task. I quite like granita, but usually when it is hot. I was tempted to take a plane and join Lyndsey for granita in her garden wearing a summer dress, SPF 50 and some funky sun hat, but alas, Father’s Day kept me in the UK! Beware Lyndsey, if the weather doesn’t warm up soon I may soon land on your doorstep! ; )

Okay, so granita. I was a bit naughty. I looked at the recipes and then I decided to do something with cherries (didn’t have a recipe for that) and then we ate the cherries. So I decided to do an Espresso Granita which is on the website, but I didn’t print it out or write it down, so I made up my own (I really was naughty this week – but I think the recipe is pretty much the same as what I did).

So, my recipe. Two cups of espresso and four tablespoons of sugar dissolved into the coffee. Put in the freezer. Let your mum spill half of it into the freezer. With a fork break up the ice every hour until it is frozen.

Now, despite me sitting here in a jumper, slippers and contemplating putting a blanket around my shoulders, I am waist high in work at the moment, so the granita whilst freezing cold was a great pick up.

Thanks Lyndsey for a great pick.

~ Pru


6 thoughts on “Espresso Granita

  1. Love the part about your mum spilling half! Good for you to make up your own. I am not an espresso fan but if I were this would be yummy. I hope the weather warms up a bit for you! I remember being so confused about what to wear when we visited a couple summer ago! I would put something on and freeze in the morning and be sweating by afternoon.

    • I will certainly make more of the granita when the weather warms up (I have my fingers crossed). You are right, usually the weather is cold in the morning and then sweaty (and not that hot) in the afternoon. I’m actually looking forward to proper warm weather.

  2. You crack me up….I don’t know if you’d like our Florida summers, but if it’s that chilly there come on over, I’ll keep a light on for you. I couldn’t eat it outside it would melt too quick, but it was perfect for our weather…sorry! ;D

    I’m glad you liked it inspite of everything! Martha did give basic instructions on how to make fruit granitas so I think doing your own was fine! I didn’t have my mum spill mine though…so that’s what’s missing, haha! I want to try the espresso next, I wonder if you can add cream to it?

    Here’s mine –

  3. My husband would love this granita. And he’d be real handy after I spill half of it in the freezer. I’ve done that sort of thing many a time. I might finally get around to making a granita at the end of the week. We just got back from vacation.

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