The Rain Did Good

Although I am tiring of the rain I have to admit that it has done the garden and allotment a world of good. Everything is growing so well and looking so healthy. It is still too wet over the allotment to do much but a quick cursory check showed very good signs the other day.

Our first gourd. Halloween will be here before we know it.

The 16 tomato plants are doing really well. Flowers but no tomatoes yet. Pruning and sorting to take place as soon as it is less wet.

A bit more sunshine and the blackberries will be ready!

~ Pru


One thought on “The Rain Did Good

  1. I completely understand your tiring of the wet weather. We seem to be having quite a wet spring-into-summer period here in Pennsylvania and if I can be perfectly frank, it gets a bit on my nerves at times. The lighting is all wrong for photography! I can’t wait for pics of your gourds, tomatoes & berries!

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