I honestly cannot believe that another week has passed.  It seems like only a couple of days since I last wrote ‘Weekend’ but doing this weekly post is certainly reminding me that time is ticking on.


So, my plans look like this:


Friday, finish work and head to Harrods.  My loyalty card has an extra 10% off this weekend and so I am going to see if a Kitchen Aid will also be  included in the offer.  I’m hoping that we then head to Wahaca in Soho for some dinner. 


Saturday should be really busy.  It’s time to sort out the compost heap at the allotment so I have been doing some research this weekend.  Of course a trip to the garden centre is required for the right tools and possibly a trip to the bakery for refreshments.  Also, my primary school has its summer fair this Saturday and whilst I don’t usually attend it’s their 200th anniversary and so the school is being opened up for tours.  I’m thinking it would be fun to look around.  I have fond memories of that school. 


And then Sunday, the busiest day of the week.  My old gym are trying to get mum and I to rejoin and so have offered us a free day.  We are aiming to go in the morning but the weather is looking too good to be stuck walking on a treadmill, and I’m thinking a barbecue could be pretty good!


So, what are you up to?  Have a great weekend.




~ Pru


One thought on “Weekend!

  1. You are such an impressive gardener. I’ve given up on gardening, at least for the time being. I just don’t have time and my dad grows a big garden and sends big bags of veggies along so it’s almost pointless.

    Harrods! We had so much fun shopping there when we were in London. I hope your weekend plans turned out to be as much fun as they sound!

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