A Trip to Mottisfont – The Roses

For the past couple of years I have wanted to make a trip into Hampshire to see Mottisfont. The reason? Martha Stewart. In Martha’s Gardening Month by Month book she mentions visiting Mottisfont and being overwhelmed by the variety of roses in the gardens at Mottisfont. Well! If Martha can be overwhelmed and amazed then I was certain that I would be too – and I wasn’t wrong.

Photos honestly don’t do these gardens justice. There are two walled gardens within the grounds of Mottisfont – they join on from one another and were the reason that most of the visitors were there.

So, after taking the recommendation from Martha Stewart and finding that it was a very good place to visit – have you got any ideas where this English girl should venture to next in the UK?

~ Pru


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Mottisfont – The Roses

  1. Absolutely breathtaking!!! I am a rose fan, and if I could and had the space I would probably plant every rose available out there. I am that crazy about the. Thank you for the lovely pictures. This year I planted my first two David Austin roses: Jude the Obscure, and Mary Rose. They are still tiny, but I have great hopes they’ll be performers next year. Thanks Pru.

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